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Global Parliament of Mayors Talent Cities: Building Momentum, Expanding Local Capacity!

In January 2019, the Global Parliament of Mayors announced a new partnership with New Learning Ventures LLC (NLV) to form the GPM Talent Cities initiative. Mayors representing over 13 million citizens in cities in Africa, [...]

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Partnership Global Parliament of Mayors and New Learning Ventures Launch of the GPM Talent Cities programme

The programme aims to develop tailor made projects in cities that generate new opportunities to meet citizen and city needs such as supporting the goals of inclusion and equity, development of emerging economies, sustainable employment, [...]

A New Education Research-Practice Center: Early. Personal. Relevant.

By Matt Doyle, Interim Superintendent, Vista Unified and Gerri Burton, New Learning Ventures In January 2018, a new International Center for Education Research and Practice (ICERP) will open on the campus of the Vista Unified [...]

Talent Cities: A New Public-Private Partnership for Middle School

In previous blog posts, we have provided an overview of the three brushstrokes that guide our work at Vista Unified. In this post, we focus on the third brushstroke, making a Relevant connection to the [...]